Why choose CEPAY ?

We make it easier to run your business

Our team is always on the move non-stop simplifying payments for business globally. Making it possible for any business to compete on a global scale without limitations.

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We're safe.

CEPAY is the best way to receive money globally and in any currency.

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We're fast.

With us, your customers have access to quick payments and your business has the ability to receive payments any time of the day.

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We're trustworthy.

With CEPAY no set up fee, no monthly fees and no hidden charges.

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We're Seamless

No need to send bank details to your customers. We provide for them a seamless experience.

Unified Platform

Start Fast and scale quickly with our commerce tools.

This is a common payment system that connects everything together and makes it easy for a business to accept payments online through CEPAY

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Key Features

How We Support You

We make your life simplier. With our tools, we make it easy for your business to scale faster globally

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Accept payments

Easily receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world in 30+ currencies with CEPAY.

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One-step checkout process and very simple to use. It's designed to grow your revenue and provide the best payment experience to your customers.

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